AMREP China provides quality management solutions for your outsourced Chinese suppliers

Why AMREP China

AMREP China has an international reputation of being the best supplier quality management company in the country. Clients come to us because:

  • China offers lower production costs but they are wary of Chinese suppliers and ‘poorly made in China’ or fake products. They want to avoid the quality, intellectual property, and production risks that comes with externalising production to China.
  • They need a trusted on-site local representative to verify their purchases from Chinese suppliers and advocate for their interests.
  • They need advanced quality inspections and specialised technical engineering knowledge for their products.
  • They need deep management of their Chinese suppliers’ quality management systems and immediate problem resolution. They also need someone who can enhance their suppliers’ performance.
  • They are having supplier communication problems and they cannot get the supplier to comply with their requirements.

How We Began

Our Chairman established AMREP China just as China entered the advanced manufacturing era. His vision was to perpetuate international quality management best practices in a country where there was barely any understanding or commitment to quality and ‘made in China’ products were something to be dreaded.

AMREP China Today

We now have over 300 supplier quality engineers, production managers, technicians and quality control inspectors managing Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers for our customers. We’ve helped our customers resolve complex engineering problems, deal with unresponsive suppliers, reduce defect rates, manage production lines, and drive organisational commitment to quality.

Our head office is in the global electronics manufacturing hub Shenzhen and we have an operations network that extends across the major industrial regions in the country. We have particular expertise in electronics and hardware products and are the quality partner to many Silicon Valley and investor-backed companies.

AMREP China offers the full range of auditing, inspection, supplier quality engineering, and supplier performance improvement services. You can find out more about our supplier quality engineering services in China here.


AMREP China Head Office – Shenzhen

Phone: + 86 755 2783 4426 (Our staff speak fluent English and Mandarin)