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AMREP Japan: The Home of World Quality

AMREP Japan enhances our Japanese clients’ international reputation in quality management and making beautiful products. We ensure that their overseas suppliers and production operations attain the cornerstones of Japanese manufacturing – Quality, Reliability, Beauty, Functionality, Customer Satisfaction, Performance, and Cost. We deliver ‘Made in Japan’ quality for our clients who operate in global markets. 


Why Do Clients Use AMREP Japan 

Our clients use us because we brought Japanese quality management practices to Asia, and because of our expertise in Total Quality Management, advanced supplier quality engineering, and resolving complex quality problems. They use us because AMREP Japan believes that quality is an organisational imperative that is achieved through:

  • Involving all stakeholders, from the top management to the last worker, from every supplier to sub- supplier that is in the supply chain.
  • Eliminating the underlying causes, not symptoms.
  • Applying scientific management methods and including quality considerations throughout the production and product life cycle.

AMREP Japan has previously worked on Japanese suppliers who provide subway and locomotive components for Bombardier. We also worked with AMREP Thailand and AMREP Mexico when SONY externalised its supplier sources to those countries.

What We Do 

AMREP Japan’s work focuses on advanced quality engineering and problem resolution. We also service Japanese clients by ensuring their external suppliers’ compliance with their extremely high quality management and manufacturing requirements. 

AMREP Japan’s personnel are senior supplier quality engineering, process, electronics, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace engineers. All of them have worked with groundbreaking technologies and have led many quality training sessions for suppliers. They are highly knowledgable in industry standards e.g. JIS, IPC, ISO, AS, TS/IATF, and Six Sigma.  


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