AMREP Mexico

AMREP Mexico provides quality management solutions for your outsourced Mexican suppliers.

About AMREP Mexico


AMREP Mexico provides the full range of supplier quality engineering, inspection, and supplier management services across all the key manufacturing areas in Mexico, like Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Leon, Ciudad Juarez, Toluca, Hermasillo, Aguascalientes, Saltillo, Chihuahua, Reynosa, Mexico City, Reynosa, Nogales, Matamoros, Puebla, and Mexicali.

AMREP Mexico was established in 1994 to respond to the quality and supplier management needs of American companies who outsourced their production to Mexico. Beginning in Tijuana and Guadalajara, we were the quality company who worked with the consumer electronics giants like Motorola and Texas Instruments to establish international quality manufacturing standards in Mexico. We were responsible for setting up their local supplier quality assurance programs and managing their Mexican suppliers. As the automotive, aerospace and other advanced industries started production operations in Mexico, we expanded our operations network to cover critical manufacturing regions in Mexico, in particular the maquiladora areas.

AMREP Mexico Today


Today, we act as the quality representatives for USA, Japanese, and European companies who use Mexican subcontractors or Mexico-based contract manufacturers and suppliers. Our quality engineers are quality leaders who have worked in Germany, Japan, France, and the USA and thus have considerable practical experience in international best practices for supplier quality management.  Our personnel are commended for their ability to manage difficult suppliers, resolve complex production situations, and drive whole-of-organization changes to implement a ‘quality first’ management culture.

We have also formed MexControl as our specialist automotive, defense and aerospace quality management unit.

AMREP Mexico prides itself as a center of Quality Manufacturing Excellence and is dedicated to transforming the country into a global leader for quality manufacturing.

Some customers who have used AMREP Mexico include:

  • Volvo
  • Rockwell Automation 
  • Nortel
  • Motorola
  • Callaway
  • Symbol Technologies
  • Handspring


AMREP Mexico Head Office – Guadalajara

Phone: +521 38808080 (1007) (Our staff speak fluent English and Spanish)

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