AMREP North America solves your supplier quality problems and develops on-site quality management solutions for your externalised or outsourced production.

AMREP North America: Creating Quality Futures for Disruptive Innovators

AMREP North America is the go-to destination for visionary USA and Canadian disruptive innovators. We put down our American roots in San Francisco some 30 years ago and we soon became the default supplier quality partner for any Silicon Valley company that offshored or outsourced their production. At the same time, we were adding Motown Detroit and Jet City Seattle industry leaders to our client list. We’ve brought quality to many of America’s most iconic inventions and are proud to be part of America’s innovation story.   

AMREP North America also propagates American quality management leadership and best practices across the world.

What We Are Known For 

We are renowned for our exceptional personalised customer service, technical expertise and quality management knowledge. Our clients use us because of our strong knowledge of local suppliers in Asia and Mexico. They come to us because they know that we can make suppliers perform to their expectations.

We never forget a customer. We’ve gotten our clients out of many tricky problems with their uncooperative  suppliers and rescued them from angry customer complaints. We’ve even saved businesses from being shut down or being barred from selling their products. 

We do this using the hallmarks of American innovation: Creativity, Technology, Ideas, Entrepreneurship and a ‘Future Thinking’ mindset.

Our Services 

AMREP North America has specialist industry accredited supplier quality management professionals across the USA. They provide AMREP’s full spectrum of services including QMS audits, quality problem resolution, process improvements, supplier quality engineering, and supplier development. They’ve worked with companies like: 

  • Cubic
  • Qualcomm
  • Nortel
  • Sharper Image
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Universal Electronics International

Call us at:  +1 415 944 8189