AMREP Philippines

AMREP Philippines provides quality management solutions for your outsourced Filipino suppliers

About AMREP Philippines

AMREP Philippines is headquartered in Manila and we work in the country’s key advanced manufacturing industrial areas i.e. Cebu, Manila, Calabarzon, Northern/Central Luzon. We played a significant role in developing local suppliers’ quality management and operational capabilities when global multinational electronics and automotive companies outsourced their production to the Philippines during the 1990s.

Our core specialities are in automotive electronics, communications systems, consumer electronics, hardware, electro-mechanical, and medical products. We are also the regional experts on semiconductors and our engineers are often deployed to provide additional technical support to manufacturers in China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Our Services

AMREP Philippines’ staff have solid backgrounds in various engineering disciplines, production, and quality management. They are bilingual and have extensive experience in working with contract manufacturers, assembliers, and component suppliers. Our supplier quality engineers will generally have trained and worked directly with Japanese, European and American OEMs.

Customers we have served in the Philippines are: IBM, Siemens, Radio Shack, Liebart, SunBeam, Maxtor and Western Digital.

How AMREP Philippines Began

AMREP Philippines was founded as part of AMREP’s push to establish international quality manufacturing best practices in South-East Asia. We also came to the Philippines to further support our clients who were expanding their supply chains and procurement operations in the region.


AMREP Philippines Today

We are now a critical quality control point for our clients who are sourcing intermediate components from the Philippines for assembly in China, Thailand, Vietnam and other locations in Asia. Supply chain quality begins with AMREP Philippines – our teams ensure that quality is verified at the source before the component advances further into your production chain.

Clients usually use AMREP Philippines to develop their local suppliers’ capabilities, be a trusted on-site representative of their production and business interests, and enforce quality controls at the lower supplier tiers in their supply chains.


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Phone: + 86 755 2783 4426