AMREP Singapore

AMREP Singapore provides Total Supplier Quality Assurance solutions for you to manage your Singaporean and overseas suppliers.

About AMREP Singapore 

AMREP Singapore is where it all began. In 1982, our founder founded the company here as he had a new vision of quality management and also foresaw the challenges involved with using outsourced suppliers in Singapore. Within 3 years, we went from being IBM Singapore’s supplier quality assurance partner to being the ‘go-to’ Total Quality Management partner for all the major electronics companies in Singapore i.e. Creative Technology, Hewlett Packard, IBM, AT&T, Handspring, and Graco. 

AMREP also pioneered supplier and quality management concepts in a nation that was still very new to advanced manufacturing. We partnered with Dr. Joseph Juran and the Juran Institute to deliver Total Quality Management training sessions to OEMs, suppliers, and senior government officials. 

AMREP Singapore Today 

Today we are the administrative headquarters for the global AMREP Supplier Management Services network. Our operations team provides advanced supplier management, production, and supplier quality engineering expertise to Singapore-based companies who are working in groundbreaking technologies i.e. VR/AR, robotics, electronics, Internet of Things, and medtech. We also manage our clients’ Singaporean suppliers. 


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