March 2010

After more than 15 years of providing supplier quality engineering services to leading EU and US OEMs, AMREP Supplier Management Services is proud to announce the launch of its Total Supplier Quality Management services.

‘For us, it is the logical evolution of our supplier quality control programmes’, said Mr John Adams, the director of AMREP North America.

‘Quality inspection was just about spotting quality defects. We wanted to take things further and actually resolve them for our customers. That’s why we started our supplier quality engineering programmes. Over the years we’ve seen supply chains expanding and manufacturing operations becoming increasingly complicated. It is getting very difficult for OEMs to manage suppliers on the individual level and they don’t have the resources to throw everything in that direction. ’ Mr Adams continued. 

‘That’s why we launched our Total Supplier Quality Management programmes.  We become our customer’s quality partner and take over managing individual suppliers. Because we offer instantly deployable local specialist quality teams, we present a much more cost-effective and efficient solution for customers with global supply chains.’ he stated.

AMREP’s Total Quality Management programmes are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and is premised on AMREP’s principle that ‘supplier quality begins at the source’. A typical programme can have our quality and technical specialists do the following at the supplier’s manufacturing facilities:

  • Design and implement Quality Management Systems
  • Measure and track COPQ through conformance to the customer’s requirements
  • Implement a Cost Recovery program to improve supplier conformance and customer accountability
  • Audit and implement immediate corrective actions for supplier improvement
  • Provide continuous interactive feedback between suppliers and customers
  • Train the supplier in quality management

AMREP already has these programmes in place for some of its consumer electronics clients with production operations in Mexico, China and the Asia-Pacific. Working in collaboration with the suppliers, subsuppliers and our clients, AMREP has successfully reduced the cost of poor quality through relationship building and mplementing best practices in production and quality management. 

‘At AMREP, we are always pushing the boundaries of quality management’, concluded Mr. Adams.

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