Supplier Risks Engineering is China Suppliers Quality Engineering

There are more Chinese Suppliers in China than good SQEs to look at core risks issues originating from your outsourced product. Our SQE and QC services to our key customers provide them with a “loss prevention” methodology to monitor quality issues from afar and send us in to apply corrective actions. AMREP provides a Universal

Suppliers Outsourcing Quality Problems in China

We work with the best technologically geared companies in the US and Europe which outsourced their electronics manufacturing to Chinese factories. Our customers conceptualized, designed and set out the manufacturing perimeters for their China suppliers. AMREP is a part of our customers’ supplier quality management in China manufacturing processes. To work with the best in technology design and the

Quality Control Tools for Managing Your Outsourced Supply Chain

Managing your outsourced suppliers is about applying quality management tools. Some Quality Control tools you apply only occasionally. Some selected quality management tools become a supplier management process. We are good in doing ALL. We are your user tool for applying better quality control of your suppliers:   • Pre-shipment Inspection: Best applied to suppliers

China Supplier Solar Panel Reviews

Our business is to manage suppliers for our outsourcing customers. Our services require us to work with different suppliers. Our work also provides us with an opportunity to gather information on the business activities of the industries which we are always engaged in. Here are some information which we gathered and which we want to

In China, 2300 Suppliers Use to Cheat Customers

Our Supplier Evaluation and Capabilities Verification Audit is the most preferred service wanted by customers seeking for new vendors (suppliers) in China. China is such a big country with suppliers popping up every day. How do you know that the supplier is not a fraudulent company? Or that the supplier has a factory which belongs

China Procurement and Managing China Buying Quality and Profitability

The race towards out-sourcing is the race towards increasing profitability and reductions in costs of operation. It is a good approach taken in the wrong context with lots of quality disconnections with the importance of managing your overseas suppliers’ quality.   This approach increases the distance between the buyer and the maker. Highly productive quality

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