Quality Control Tools for Managing Your Outsourced Supply Chain

Managing your outsourced suppliers is about applying quality management tools.

Some Quality Control tools you apply only occasionally. Some selected quality management tools become a supplier management process. We are good in doing ALL. We are your user tool for applying better quality control of your suppliers:


Pre-shipment Inspection: Best applied to suppliers when you have short-term or one off supply relationship or you don’t really know the supplier.


Factory Audits: Best problems prevention tool to reduce your unexpected procurement and financial losses.


Process and Line Inspection: To be used continuously if the supplier is new, the production volume large, continuous and long-term.


FMEA (Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis): Best applied on a new product production launched by a new or existing supplier to remove Critical to Quality and Critical to Usability problems.


PPAP (Production Part Approval Process): A necessary application when component conformity and compliance is critical to production process conformity to making a conforming product.


AMREP Inspection is best at using all this. Quality professionals define the usage of these tools as Supplier Quality Engineering.

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