Solving a supply or supplier problem comes from talking about the problem. Talking to AMREP helps us to put in perspective your immediate problem. There is always a solution to a supplier problem. AMREP can help you or look at possibilities and probabilities in working out a supplier technical issue, or a quality problem or look for a new supplier. Here are your quick contacts for a quick chat on supplier problems resolution.

For your needs from USA, Canada or Europe you can contact us on your supplier quality problems:

USA at 1-954-443-0046 or 1-800-692-8539 for immediate attention or information packet for work in Mexico or any parts of Asia.

For your enquires from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines or Indonesia, you can contact any Asia/Australia offices on your supplier quality problems at +86 755 2783 4426  (ext 801).

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USA & Mexico
Isabel at +1-954-443-0046 or 1-800-692-8539
AMREP North America Inc.        

Valerie at +86 755 2783 4426  (ext 801)
AMREP China/Hong Kong


Valerie at +86 755 2783 4426  (ext 801)
AMREP Vendor Inspection Services

Derrick at +61-3-9427-9311
AMREP Vendor Inspection Service