The COVID-19 situation has created extremely tumultuous and challenging times for us all. Firstly, all of us at AMREP hope that wherever you are in this world, you are keeping safeand that you are managing alright. We wish to express our solidarity with you and our
unreserved support. We are all in this together, and it is through our shared collective capacity and international cooperation, that we will get through to this together.
Help knows no borders.
We are also aware that there are many businesses out there who face challenges particularly with their supply chains and production. We’re here to see if we can help you.
We want to get businesses through this situation because we see all of ourselves as being in an ecosystem. Business means jobs, livelihoods, and lives. That’s why we want to get you through this.
AMREP has over 30 years of experience in quality manufacturing and supplier quality
management. We know how things are made, we have been at the coalface of global supply chain movements, we have deep local engineering networks, and we have extensive experience with suppliers across Asia and Mexico. We know something about production and how to deliver quality products. We also know something about how to look for suppliers and get products onto the production line.
The AMREP global group is also ready to contribute its collective expertise and partner with industries and companies who seek to address the existing critical medical supplies shortage for COVID-19. We see this as a humanitarian issue, and we want to help.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at:
We’re here for you.
Kay Goh
International Business Development Director
AMREP Global