Here are some supplier quality management case studies illustrating AMREP’s achievements with our clients.

VR Headsets

A US startup was manufacturing its VR headsets in Shenzhen, China. They needed a full- time supplier quality engineering team stationed there but did not have the resources to send people over from the USA. They were also unfamiliar with the labour market. They enlisted AMREP China to be its local SQE division.

We were able to station a team there immediately and that the first production run went smoothly. Due to AMREP’s involvement, the startup was able to launch successfully and meet its customer target delivery dates. We have been working with the customer for the last 2 years.

Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors

A US company designed wearable blood pressure monitors and was using a contract manufacturer in Thailand to make them. They used AMREP India to do GMP and ISO audits on the contract manufacturer’s component suppliers in India and got AMREP Thailand to be their local SQE and QC team at the contract manufacturer’s production site. This way, AMREP was able to enforce quality control measures consistently over their supply chain.

Barcode scanners

An American manufacturer and worldwide supplier of mobile data capture and delivery equipment designed barcode scanners and had them assembled by contract manufacturers in Mexico. There were quality defect problems on the production line.

AMREP Mexico placed its source inspection teams in the factory to inspect, correct, and find out the sources of the quality problems. AMREP found that some problems originated from another component supplier in Maine. The customer sent experienced AMREP Mexico source inspectors to stop the problem in Maine. Our supplier QC program for the customer ran for 2 years.

Hard Disk Drives

A hard disk drive company was acquiring its HDD magnetic heads from its supplier in Penang, Malaysia. AMREP Malaysia sent in a team to sort out the quality problems relating to the magnetic heads. AMREP traced the problems backwards to its source. Parts of the magnetic heads were coming in from factories owned by the supplier’s employed managers who just wanted to palm off their products to the customer. This explained the supplier’s and sub-supplier’s resistance to corrective actions and quality improvements.

We implemented a two-prong solution, First, we stationed our inspectors at the sub-supplier’s premises to do impartial checks on the HDD magnetic heads. This would solve the most immediate quality problems. While this was going on, we worked with the customer’s procurement engineering team to identify new supply sources. Our work for this HDD company ran for 5 years in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand and the Philippines.


A major American smartphone manufacturer was having its phones manufactured in China and the final assembly done in Vietnam. The final assembler detected faults in the SoC components. AMREP China was sent in to investigate the issue and it found that this was due to soldering errors in the SMT processes. Our quality engineers and technical experts reviewed the entire SMT process, looking at matters such as the quality of the surface-mount components, the handling of the components, and the soldering techniques.

4K Smart LED TVs

A Canadian telecommunications company was buying 4K smart LED TVs from another major OEM of digital entertainment devices. The OEM was using Vietnamese suppliers to manufacture the TVs and was using its own QC team to do the product inspections. The Canadian company decided though to deploy AMREP at the Vietnamese suppliers to do the inspections for them and represent their interests.

AMREP Vietnam found that the OEM’s QC team had been accepting defective products from the supplier and the Canadian customer mandated that all the supplier’s products have to be cleared by AMREP.

With AMREP’s intervention, the Canadian customer started to receive much higher quality shipments. We have been working with this Canadian customer for more than 7 years.

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