First Article Inspections

First article is the first product or subassembly sample taken from the test run production. Or it can be a sample which the supplier has put together in accordance with the customer’s technical specifications. For First Article Inspections AMREP will:

  1. Inspect the sample for conformance to technical drawings and specifications.
  2. Verify supplier conformance to design requirements.
  3. Inspect and verify use of customer approved/alternative components and safety standards.
  4. Verify changes to BOM and conformance to ECN ( Engineering Changes Notification).
  5. Activate a customer/supplier technical feedback loop.
  6. Establish quality inspection parameters and criteria.
  7. Set up final and process inspection procedures.
  8. Evaluate functional testing and test equipment for production use.



AMREP has the capabilities to undertake any of these tasks which must be stated in the Customer’s Statement of Work or instructions. It must also be undertaken by an AMREP certified Quality Representative with product and production experience.

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