Our manufacturing audits are in-depth assessments of your supplier's technical capabilities.

What are Manufacturing Audits?


Manufacturing audits are technical evaluations that verify the supplier’s technical capabilities to manufacture your product. It assesses the supplier’s knowledge, manpower, facilities, mastery of technical documents and manufacturing processes, financial resources, production management, and communication with customers. 

When Should You Use Manufacturing Audits? 

You should use manufacturing audits when:

  • You are selecting a supplier 
  • You are negotiating or starting production with a new supplier
  • Your supplier has new facilities, new investment in an industry, or is inexperienced with a new technology
  • Your current supplier acquired new facilities  to handle new products and is utilising untried technologies. 
  • You’ve just introduced a new product line with your current supplier  

These audits minimise the manufacturing problems that can arise from contracting a supplier that may be hiding his technical weaknesses. It makes it easier for you to gauge your supplier’s capability and to devise an action plan to overcome technical obstacles.

All AMREP audits are  undertaken by highly specialised impartial auditors with strong technical knowledge and investigative skills. 

Our manufacturing audits can also be combined with our other auditing and supplier quality management  solutions to ensure that you have comprehensive quality assurance across your production cycle. You could, for instance, schedule pre-shipment inspections to check the quality of your finished products before shipment. You could also use our supplier quality engineering services to maintain quality process controls in your supplier’s production. 

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