Manufacturing Capability Audits

A manufacturing capability audit or technical evaluation verifies the supplier’s technical capability to manufacture your product. It assesses the supplier’s knowledge, manpower, facilities, mastery of technical documents and manufacturing processes, financial resources, production management, and communication with customers. 

You should undertake a manufacturing capability audit when:

  • You are negotiating with a new supplier, or
  • Your supplier has new facilities, new investment in an industry, or is inexperienced with a new technology, or
  • Your current supplier acquired new facilities  to handle new products and is utilising untried technologies. 

Manufacturing capability audits minimise the manufacturing problems arising from contracting a supplier that may be hiding his technical weaknesses. It makes it easier for you to gauge your supplier’s capability and to devise an action plan to overcome technical obstacles.

AMREP manufacturing capability audits are  undertaken by our senior quality auditors and engineers.

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