17 January 2004

Last year, Derrick Goh, CEO, AMREP Supplier Management Services (SMS) announced to his customers in San Jose, USA, the installation of the AMREP Technological Center (ATC) in Shenzhen, China. The ATC would operate as a Supplier Quality Engineering Services hub for customers outsourcing high technology production to China.

China, he said, was changing its gear of manufacturing.  Major China manufacturing subcontractors were evolving into fully integrated manufacturing.   Foxconn is a classic case of an integrated manufacturing operation in which the components suppliers are part of or belong to Foxconn.  To compete with this big company, Foxconn competitors have two choices – either follow the “too big to copy” model or reinvent a new model of manufacturing and managing supplier quality in China.

The ATC will specialize in providing supplier quality engineering on components and assemblies entering the manufacturer’s production processes. We are currently working on some of the most sophisticated smart phones which use advanced plastic, casing and wireless signal technologies.  The ATC does factory audits on components suppliers, focusing in particular on critical quality issues like material applicability and engineering tolerances.

To find out more about the ATC, contact: supplyquality@amrepinspect.com.