Supplier Quality Control, Supplier Quality Engineering, Factory audits, Process management , Pre-shipment Inspection, random inspectionwe do all these for our customers‘ suppliers inside China, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey and more.

Individually each component has limited impact on your preferred supplier and strategic outsourcing.

Combined these, and your interconnectivity relationship with your supplier is an effective instrument for Managing Quality Control Without Borders.

Best Practices in Supplier Quality and Relationship Management

Our quality specialists learned the Best Practices in Supplier Quality Management from the Masters and Pioneers of outsourcing Management.

These are our customers and trainers, past and present:

IBM : SONY : Dell: Medtronics : Verifone : Leap- Frog : Elbit : Hewlett Packard : Motorola : NASA : Lexmark : Viasys : Bayer Diagnostics : Solectron : Cooper Tires : Rockwell : Chrysler : Bombardier : Taser : and more.