Suppliers Outsourcing Quality Problems in China – AMREP SQE SERVICES

We work with the best technologically geared companies in the US and Europe which outsourced their electronics manufacturing to Chinese factories.

Our customers conceptualized, designed and set out the manufacturing perimeters for their China suppliers.
AMREP is a part of our customers’ supplier quality management in China manufacturing processes.

To work with the best in technology design and the best in Chinese manufacturing requires deploying our people with the best in China quality and manufacturing knowledge and skills to match changing production methods.

AMREP SQE services are not about just doing last minute China preshipment ; or quality control inspections; factory audits or doing ISO quality management systems reviews.

Our SQE services are all about solving critical to quality issues; auditing and correcting supplier’s production quality processes and implementing corrective actions to minimize quality defects to finished products.





Quality Control and Quality Inspection methods in China changes as China’s move from low end manufacturing technology to high technology products production.

5-10 years ago quality control services in China was all about pre-inspection and last minute pre-delivery inspections on simple consumer products from basic hardware, stuffed toys and consumer appliances.

Quality control was about supplier selection via selective factory audits; random line inspection and selective random out of the box inspection.

Where customized SQE services are not applicable  continues to provide these services to customers who moved with their China suppliers to Vietnam, Indonesia and China.