Process Inspections

Process inspection by an AMREP Quality Representative is the selective inspection of the product/components/subassembly at different stages of the production line. This is carried out when the product is in current production. Process Inspections are customer mandated and focuses on specific objectives:

  1. Find the root causes of production defects detected during final inspection. 
  2. Verify the execution of Corrective Action Report (CAR) by the Supplier Production Team.
  3. Inspect and detect poor quality linkages at different production stations.
  4. Product and component quality inspection before assembly.
  5. Identify supplier production weaknesses in the production system that leads to defects.

Process inspection can be used to reduce on-going 100% inspection of all production lots. It can be used with other AMREP Supplier Quality Control Services to bring the supplier into a state of Supplier Quality Self Control.

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