Chinese suppliers do not understand QC words or Quality Control

Chinese suppliers of China products and services are always confused when they are asked for Quality Control, Quality Inspections, Pre-shipment Inspections or factory audits by their buyers. It is not clear and simple to them. So Buyers beware.

At AMREP, we are very clear on the meaning of Quality Inspections and Quality Control. We trained our quality specialists on the words and concepts of Quality Control. They made it clear, understandable and applicable to suppliers production processes.

Quality Control is a process within a Production Process. Pre-shipment inspection is only a method of inspecting finished products. Sometimes called Random Inspection.

Quality Inspections is a confusing word. We ask our customer to define “quality” and specifically what “quality” are we inspecting for.

Quality solutions, methods and QC tools are different for different products. AMREP SMS is organized into departments to with different focused teams with different quality skills and product focused.

“Lots of Chinese firms have very poor quality control, including the products used on major government projects. These companies don’t have a long established background of quality manufacturing.” ..

"Strategic International Procurement with build in Quality Solutions is critical to Outsourcing Risks Management"


You design and engineered your product.

Your supplier create the quality problems.

We invent the Quality Control Solutions for managing your suppliers’ quality problems.

At AMREP we know the different quality aspects of your supplier’s engagement in developing, starting up and running a production.

Our QC Supplier solutions are generating towards handling quality issues relating to design robustness, design testing, specifications compliance, production process design, quality inspection standards, process capability, production capacity, product packaging, and product testing.

We have different supplier quality specialists’ skills to provide QC solutions to different grades of suppliers.

AMREP QC Supplier Solutions for your supplier can begin with an APQP that includes:

  • Planning and Defining a Supplier Program
  • Production Process Quality Implementation
  • Product and Process Validation
  • Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action
  • Analyzing quality failure modes and critical characteristics