Defence Electronics

AMREP is back again into working on Defense Electronics. Previously our work was on night vision goggles. We are in action on components, plastic and lenses which go into military hardware. Electro-mechanics embedded devices require tracking quality problems back to its sources of origin. Our supplier quality line inspectors are doing visual, tolerances and material inspections. Data collection leads to supplier quality engineering and immediate problems resolution by AMREP Supplier quality engineers working in collaboration with suppliers in China, Taiwan and South Korea. Defense electronics are more complicated with many off-the-shelves availability of components. There are much hardware which involves specialty avionics, tactical data links and synchronization devices, and military field equipment. All of which require specialized training of final product line inspectors.

Applying AMREP Quality Control work on Smart Ticketing Hardware.

Anyone traveling on a public transport system or entry using smartcard devices in your country?? If there are problems using your card, it is either the software or the hardware. It is hard to test hardware when the software is not ready to test the card in your country. Hardware comes out faster than the software. Hardware quality can be tested at the factory before sending them overseas. So AMREP Quality Product inspectors are checking the small hardware devices, sensors and wireless detectors in factories in China. Our customers know that the final assembler is getting its components from external suppliers. So AMREP material quality engineers are working backwards towards the assembler’s external sources in China, Taiwan, Japan and even Mexico. Data analysis of supplier’s incoming QC is always helpful in doing FMEA stripped down of problems. Pre-shipment inspection of final product is no guarantee of good quality of hardware is kept in stock and not in use until months later.

Auditing E-Readers manufacturers in China on Component quality

As our e-reader customer said, “Customer satisfaction is all about buying an e-reader of high quality or low quality; of workability, durability and no repairs required!” So AMREP Supplier Management Services was contracted by the customer to audit the manufacturer’s capabilities before signing the contracted manufacturer up. Next, to inspect the first sample product. Carry out an FMEA on the sample and components analysis of the work in progress in the factory. Finally do line inspection, function testing and quality problems resolution. All these means assigning three levels of AMREP quality personnel to work with the supplier’s production team. More buyers’ satisfaction, less quality and repairs recalls, means having a marketing advantage over rivals making the same product of different designs for our customer. Talk to Valerie at +86 755 2783 4426 Ext. 801 or Isabel at 1-954-443-0046 email to verifty the work we do, and customers who are using our Supplier Management Services.