Quality Control is Quality Risks Management

When you manufacture, your mission is to make a product of quality for reasons of profitability. You control quality.

When you outsource your manufacturing, your mission is to buy a product of quality from your supplier. Your Supplier control quality.

When you use AMREP, our mission is to Manage Your Supplier’s Control of Your Quality.

Forward–thinking customers on quality management requires AMREP to systematically redefine the production and finished product risks in their procurement.

We redefine these risks through:

  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Random Final Inspection
  • Production Line Inspection
  • Proactive Feedback
  • Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis
  • Corrective Actions
  • Testing for Quality
  • And More…

We provide the Quality Specialists to assess the Quality of your Supplier’s Quality Control and Inspections of your products.

Whether Preventing loss from quality defects or driving production delivery of your outsourced product, AMREP’s Quality Risks Management through Quality Control uncovers opportunities for better Supplier Relation Management.

You create the Quality Assurance requirements for your suppliers. We apply the Quality Control tools on your supplier. Our QC is product focused. We Make Quality Happen.
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