Quality Control

Supplier Quality Control is Quality Risks Management



Some of our customers find it difficult to get their suppliers to improve the quality of the products they are buying. Or to correct the supplier’s technical and quality deficiencies after much effort and time. Or it may be too difficult to change a bad supplier to a better supplier because of delivery and production schedules. To hold down the spiralling outsourcing costs because they pick the wrong supplier the customer may have to take control of the supplier’s production line.

AMREP Supplier Production Control can control a supplier’s production line for a short period by providing:

  • A Team of AMREP Quality Inspectors
  • A Team of AMREP Technical and Quality Supervisors/Engineers
  • Process and Production Specialists
  • Level 4 Co-coordinator

The objectives are to:

  • Help the supplier to get the production line into shape
  • Train the supplier’s line operators and supervisors on quality methods and product assembly
  • Implement corrective actions
  • Improve the production process
  • Iron out the root causes of quality problems and product problems
  • Sort out the technical complications
  • Bring the production towards meeting customer’s quality and delivery needs
  • Return the production line to the Supplier for continuous production

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