Supplier Source Inspections

AMREP provides 3rd party supplier source inspection services. Our quality inspectors inspect a supplier for:

  • Supplier conformance to customer quality standards and expectations
  • Supplier conformance to technical requirements
  • Supplier conformance to corrective action reports
  • Supplier functional testing and material quality

This service is available throughout our AMREP global network.

Source inspection is your added assurance that your suppliers deliver a quality product on time without defects. It is a component of our Supplier Quality Control (SQC) services for managing outsourced suppliers. Our SQC activities can include surveying and evaluating the supplier’s quality assurance methods, conducting functional inspections, and providing feedback on supplier performance. We also handle complex projects whereby our quality inspection teams perform component and sub-component inspections in multiple supplier locations across many countries.

AMREP Source Inspection Services can help to:

  • Reduce your poor quality costs and product defect rates
  • Eliminate the need to hire a local employee and to send your staff on expensive overseas work postings
  • Provide real-time monitoring and feedback on the performance of your suppliers 

” Our USA customer had committed itself to marketing and designing the products. Unfortunately the supplier’s test production samples and initial production runs experienced high rejection rates. Several weeks of sending in their technical and quality engineers to the suppliers from the US did not create any resolution to the quality and production problems.

AMREP was given the “problem resolution” task. We assembled a team of quality inspectors, quality engineers and line production specialists to take over the production line for the headset. Our mission was to correct the quality problems, accelerate the production and delivery to meet our customer’s commitment to market delivery. By taking over the production line, we implemented corrective actions , modify the assembly process, reduce defects and train the factory operators and supervisors concurrently. We returned the production line to the factory manager and his production team after 4 weeks.

We had a happy customer and a supplier who profited from the supplier improvement process. We also gained  2 strong referrals. “

 Lewis Tan, Sr. VP. Business Development, AMREP China 

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