QMS Audits

AMREP QMS audits assess your supplier's quality management systems and proactively identify quality risks.

Why Use QMS Audits? 

 Your supplier has an ISO 9000 certification. Do you still need a QMS audit?

Yes you do! 

Most Suppliers are certified to industry quality management and regulatory standards like the ISO 9000 and the IATF 16949. These certifications are easily achievable from third party certification bodies. They are positive sounding marketing tools. They are by no means a guarantee that the supplier’s QMS is effective or actually applied. 

A certification only establishes that a supplier’s quality management system met certain conditions at a certain period of time. It is not a statement of how the supplier will address the specific quality requirements of your product. 

What AMREP’s QMS Audit Does

 AMREP’s QMS audits reviews the supplier’s Quality Management Systems to: 

  • Check that what is written is done
  • Check that what is done is effective
  • Proactively identify supplier quality and production risks
  • Identify improvement opportunities in your supplier’s quality management practices
  • Ensure the supplier can effectively implement its QMS and meet your production quality requirements. 

 AMREP’s QMS audits go beyond industry quality standards. There are additional checklists and audit parameters that we use to benchmark a supplier’s management attitudes and production control conformance to customer’s quality requirements. AMREP uses Level 2-3 qualified, impartial, and highly experienced auditors with strong investigative capabilities for all its QMS audits. 

AMREP’s auditors help customers to minimise unexpected quality problems that delay delivery and increase quality and marketing costs.

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