What’s the AMREP way for managing quality in wireless products? Let Richard Wong, one of our senior SQEs in China, explain it to you.

At AMREP we support the best innovators in wireless technology designs, engineering, and designing. Universal Electronics, Verifone, Emerson, and CISCO are amongst our previous customers and currently we work with a lot of Silicon Valley and European companies who are into wearables, Internet of Things gadgets, personal medical devices, and AR/VR hardware.

When our customer contacts us with a quality problem, our first step is to take down a detailed case history before sending our quality auditors, inspectors, and supplier quality engineers to our customers’ overseas suppliers to assess the situation. We can do this very quickly because we have local quality action teams located in key electronics manufacturing hubs across the world, for example Thailand, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Japan. Depending on how extensive the quality problems are, we may also visit the suppliers’ subsuppliers or component sources.

Quality inspection just picks up defects but doesn’t actually tell you how to resolve it. That’s where we come in. AMREP’s mission is to maximise the supplier’s product quality optimisation, minimise quality risks to the buyer, and maximise the customer’s value on its procurement contract with its supplier. Instead of just focusing on problem detection, we look at problem prevention, continual performance improvements, and enhancing quality management practices. Our approach for achieving these objectives is to develop integrated, collaborative relationships between the supplier, customer, and AMREP.

One of the key customer concerns is the supplier’s ability to adapt to new products and design changes. Another is the potential for components to fail e.g. micro-electromechanical systems, RFID components, wireless sensors, battery systems, and embedded processing chips. Most of all, their concern is with the interoperability, reliability and usability of the wireless hardware.

We are the Customer’s eyes and ears, helping suppliers to a shared method of controlling the quality of their manufacturing.