Solar and Photovoltaics

AMREP develops quality assurance solutions for your solar and photovoltaic products.

Inferior quality or defective photovoltic panels and solar system components from China and other parts of Asia can hold you back in implementing your vision of providing safe, sustainable, reliable, and affordable power for everyone. AMREP can stop this from happening by developing quality assurance programmes at your sources of supply and across your supply chain.

The products we have worked with include: solar modules, inverters, batteries and solar components like solar cables, disconnects, fuse boxes, connectors, combiner boxes, recombiners, mounting systems, trackers, and charge controllers.  

Our Solar Quality Assurance Solutions

Examples of our activities are:

  • QAP/QMP/QMS development and supplier implementation
  • Factory evaluations and audits; Workshop qualification
  • Bill of materials evaluation
  • Production management
  • Product inspections (pre-shipment, during production, pre-production)
  • Packaging evaluation
  • Container loading check
  • Corrective actions and continuous improvement implementation
  • Non-conformity detection and resolution
  • Electrical component inspections
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier quality engineering