Customer satisfaction comes from getting good work done. Good work and satisfaction comes from effective use of skills and expertise. AMREP has over 350 employed specialists in China, Mexico, and the Asia-Pacific with experiences and skills in what they are best at.

We always say at AMREP that our people are our assets. Their success is our success. We also support them in becoming entrepreneurs by offering them franchise opportunities.

Our people are the leading professionals in quality management. They are quality, production, mechanical, electrical/electronic, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and process engineers. They are technical experts who have experience in working across a wide range of advanced industries. They can find and resolve your supplier’s quality, management, and technical problems. They are the ones that will enable your suppliers to achieve the zero defect, zero waste rate that you demand.

The AMREP Way is a good option for you to manage your suppliers with Our People, Our Expertise, and Our Feedback.

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