Supplier Quality Engineering in China

Driving Chinese Supplier Excellence in Quality Management

AMREP China’s Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) services is an escalation of our product inspection and audit services. We go beyond managing your supplier’s quality on a product-by-product basis to providing strategic leadership for developing your supplier’s quality management systems and capabilities . Our aims are to foster exceptional Chinese supplier performance so that you can get zero defect, world-class quality products.

We are our customer’s trusted quality partners and their advocate. Our clients use us not just because of our supplier quality engineer, supplier management, or problem solving expertise, but because they need someone they can trust to be their on-site supplier representative.

Our Supplier Quality Engineering Work

Our Supplier Quality Engineers (SQEs) are engineers with specialisations in quality engineering, quality management systems and tools (Six Sigma), quality standards, manufacturing, and supplier management. They act as your on-site focal point for all your quality concerns and work in a preventative, problem-solving, hands-on, collaborative mode with your suppliers to resolve quality problems. They have extensive experience in electronics, hardware, automotive, aerospace and medical products.

Some of the areas they work on are:

Problem Resolution and Corrective Actions

  • Identify product defects and quality problems using investigative techniques
  • Develop and implement corrective actions with your suppliers.

Communication and Feedback

  • Regular supplier performance reports.
  • Create effective communication channels between you and your supplier for feedback.
  • Assist suppliers with implementing your feedback and any required production changes.

Supplier Performance Management

  • Develop supplier performance metrices.
  • Monitoring, collection, reviewing, and analysis of supplier performance data.
  • Develop quality management systems and processes e.g. AQAP, PPAP

Continuous Improvement

  • Collaboratively identify and lead initiatives with suppliers to continuously improve quality, production capabilities, and productivity.

Supplier Sourcing

  • Provide sourcing advice to supplier purchasing departments.


  • Train supplier personnel in key quality management competencies.



AMREP China is headquartered in Shenzhen, the world’s centre of electronics and hardware manufacturing. 

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