Companies with overseas supplier operations use AMREP as its procurement and supplier management partner


Companies who want to achieve zero defects and low quality costs use AMREP to control their supplier’s product quality through supplier quality engineering, sorting and containment, process audits, quality management system enhancements, and production monitoring.

Our customers include SONY, Phillips, Rockwell Automation, Lexmark, Western Digital and many more.

We can enhance the effectiveness of your outsourcing or overseas production strategies by designing global supplier management programmes that can include supplier identification, supplier selection, quality management, supplier monitoring, and production control.

Our Supplier Management Programmes are individually tailored to your needs.If you are sourcing from multiple locations and countries, AMREP can be your local sourcing office and provide you with strong regional quality and technical support for your supplier management operations.

We can also collaborate with your procurement/purchasing, design, and engineering teams to manage supplier selection, product design, product manufacturability, quality control, and consolidated delivery and shipping.

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