Solutions for your Critical Suppliers in China with Problematic Conformance to your Product Quality Standards

Supplier Quality Management and Engineering Specializations in China, Asia , India and Mexico

We know your suppliers. We know the products. We know the problems created when the same suppliers move to a countries of low cost productions. The new King of Quality problems creation are Suppliers in China. These are what we are very good at:

  • Engineered Products
  • High Tech Electronics Assemblies
  • Mechanical and electro–mechanical parts
  • Plastic, Rubber engineering and tooling designs and components
  • Metallurgical products and its tooling composition.
  • Aerospace engineered products and composite materials
  • Automotive parts

Find out more on customers and products we have worked for and on and are not covered by NDAs.


8 years and still counting the number of days we have worked for our US customer’s in Malaysia on a supplier manufacturing carbon fiber composite materials. There is the supplier’s quality control team doing quality inspections. There is the additional AMREP quality team detecting and correcting critical quality defects which the supplier has missed. Is the supplier’s quality control system really that bad or is it there cannot be any perfections in applying quality control procedures. AMREP Supplier Management Services provides additional feedback and additional quality assurance to a customer dependent on the best product for its Boeing customer.

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