Your objective is to secure the best product from your supplier.

Your supplier’s objective is to secure the most profit through manufacturing from you.

Our objective is to provide you with a superior service in managing your supplier’s quality through Supplier Risks Engineering beyond your final product assembly through to Tier 1 and Tier 2 sub-suppliers.

Reliable Quality Tools and Methods are necessary to reduce supplier and quality uncertainties. We have these tools and methods.

  • PPAP for automotive compliance
  • FMEA (Failure Mode Analysis) for products
  • Measure System Analysis for calibrated quality
  • APQP ( Advanced Product Quality Planning) Audits for aerospace and high technology products.
  • Defining AQLs for consumer products
  • SPC Process Inspections and Feedbacks

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Supplier Risks Engineering is China Suppliers Quality Engineering

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There are more Chinese Suppliers in China than good SQEs to look at core risks issues originating from your outsourced product. Our SQE and QC services to our key customers provide them with a “loss prevention” methodology to monitor quality issues from afar and send us in to apply corrective actions. AMREP provides a Universal Sequence of Supplier Quality and Risks Management of your China suppliers. Our SQEs:
  • Analyze quality problems symptoms
  • Track the Root Cause
  • Provide data feedback
  • Address supplier resistance.

Supplier Verification is also Supplier Quality Engineering

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Your quality risks always increase when your supplier chooses its components and materials suppliers. A company which uses AMREP to verify the supplier’s sub-suppliers provides itself with an upside or downside assessment of the supply delivery risks and supplier’s manufacturing performance. Supplier Verification is a key component of our SQE. Use this to assess your upside possibilities and downside negative consequences of your suppliers’ selection of parts suppliers.