AMREP Supplier Quality Engineers develop and execute quality assurance programmes with your suppliers.

Supplier Quality Engineering at AMREP 

Providing practical, on-site quality leadership to your suppliers

When you use a new supplier, start new production operations, or shift your manufacturing overseas, there is often a great mismatch between your quality manufacturing expectations and your supplier. It becomes very difficult to enforce your quality leadership and quality management systems on your suppliers, especially if you have hundreds of suppliers spread out in multiple locations and countries.

For over 20 years AMREP’s Supplier Quality Engineers have provided our clients with the quality leadership they need in their suppliers’ manufacturing operations. They are the ones who solve your supplier’s production problems. Working onsite with local suppliers, AMREP Supplier Quality Engineers are responsible for executing our clients’ supplier quality assurance programmes, eliminating product defects, and improving their suppliers’ effectiveness and efficiencies. Our clients are also guaranteed Total Supplier Quality Assurance in their global supply chain through our international network of SQEs in key manufacturing locations across Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Do you find yourself continuously issuing SCARS (Supplier Corrective Action Reports)? That’s when you should start speaking to an AMREP Supplier Quality Engineer! 

What AMREP Supplier Quality Engineers Do 


AMREP SQEs are quality engineering specialists who have at least 10 to 20 years of experience working on complex production projects in the automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and electronics industries. The clients they work for include: HP, Philips, Cummins, Schumacher Electric, Volvo, Johnson Controls, General Motors, Bombardier, Borg Wagner and Motorola. Every AMREP SQE is an expert in problem solving, production management, quality engineering, quality manufacturing methods and communication. Our work can include:

  • QMS development and implementation
  • Root cause analysis and corrective actions implementation
  • Production monitoring
  • Data collection and Statistical Process Control
  • Materials and design reviews
  • Managing and coordinating supplier Parts Per Million activities
  • Supplier quality management training
  • Supplier audits and Advanced Product Quality Planning

Our Supplier Quality Engineers are located in the USA, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and across the Asia-Pacific.


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