Supplier Quality Engineering

Solutions for your critical suppliers who have problems conforming to your product quality standards

What are you sourcing from your overseas supplier? The simpler your product, the simpler the quality checks. You just need random inspection on your lots or pre-shipment inspections of your orders before your supplier stuffs them into the shipment container and locks it up.

But if you are getting little motors from Johnson Motors, or getting your smart phones, tablets, or PCs assembled by Foxconn, Flextronics, or Solectron, or sourcing electronic parts from Bosch, then we are going beyond simple inspections done by 3rd parties.

You will be interested in your supplier’s FMEA analysis, PFMEA, data collection, first article inspection, and continuous improvement activities. You’d want to track the supplier’s quality planning, process flows, and more.

This is the Supplier Quality Engineering work we provide to customers. We provide SQE specialists to work with primary and lower tier subsuppliers used by the main contractors.

Our SQE Work

We work with the leading US and European companies in the advanced manufacturing industries.

Our SQEs are always present in our customers’ suppliers’ premises. We focus on loss prevention and proactively addressing supplier quality problems, rather than reacting to them. Our SQEs’ objectives are to continuously improve the supplier’s quality performance and to achieve a zero-defect rate. They do this through a range of activities, such as corrective actions, improving quality management systems, process control, problem resolution, incoming material analysis, and advanced quality planning processes.

We know your suppliers. We know the products. We know the problems created when the same suppliers move to a countries of low cost productions.  Here are some of the things we are very good at:

  • Engineered Products
  • High Tech Electronics Assemblies
  • Mechanical and electro–mechanical parts
  • Plastic, Rubber engineering and tooling designs and components
  • Metallurgical products and its tooling composition.
  • Aerospace engineered products and composite materials
  • Automotive parts

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