Supplier Risks Management


AMREP understands Supplier Risk Management Well

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get’- Warren Buffet

Any 3rd party inspection company can provide you with the standard SOPs of doing DUPRO, Pre-Shipment Inspections, Factory Audits and Loading Inspections.

These are NOT QUALITY CONTROL. They are quality inspections.

At AMREP we define Quality Risk Management as systematic Quality Control. It’s about managing and monitoring the quality processes used by your supplier. For simple products, our Quality Control work can be as basic as selective random inspections on the production line, and for more complex products we use tools such as Product and Process Validation, Proactive Feedback and Corrective Actions to manage quality risks.

Managing Supplier Risks is Managing Risks with Quality Inspectors of Quality

Quality inspections comes with the risk of using the wrong 3rd party inspection company to inspect your supplier’s quality. But at AMREP, you can be fully assured that you are using inspectors that are of the highest integrity and are dedicated to delivering top quality work. Each inspector goes through an extensive vetting process where we look not only at the technical skills but also his or her character and whether they add value to you

‘…there are people who try to look as if they are doing a good and thorough job, and then there are the people who actually damn well do it, for its own sake’ – John McDonald, Free Fall in Crimson

AMREP’s international network provides you with total quality assurance across your global supply chain and supplier tiers. Call us now to find out more!