AMREP Techno Center (ATC) is the China hub for China suppliers Quality Control. The hub combines Supplier Quality Engineering, Supplier Management and Supplier Quality Control. We have China based specialists with strong knowledge base of China suppliers’ manufacturing strengths and weaknesses. We support these specialists with manufacturing and production skills with tested product and production experiences of working in American, European, Taiwanese and Japanese factories in Malaysia and Singapore. ATC is your bridge between your creative designers and technical engineering specialists and the suppliers. ATC is the place where we review your product manufacturing requirements with the supplier teams. We have technical specialists in mechanical, electrical, electronics or plastics which can be your China team and your extended supplier quality assurance and supplier engineering departments. ATC can create production plans, quality plans, and design changes in support of a supplier production process producing your designs. With ATC in action for your company, your procurement and engineering interaction with your supplier will be faster, integrated, better controlled and supervised.

ATC is good for new start-ups when creating a new product which would require a producer in China without the immediate resources to manage the sample test runs by the new supplier in China. Find out more on how ATC can set your new idea, new product design and production rolling forward in China. ATC will provide you the product and technical engineering support inside China, quality assurance and supplier improvement and interactive personnel.

AMREP’s Specializations

Automotive Products ( Tier 2 & 3)
Automotive Accessories
Aerospace composite material
Metal and Metallurgical Products
Tools, Casting and Moulds
Mechanical Components
Electro-mechanical assemblies
Electronics and Electronic assemblies
Electronics Components (PCBs and PCBAs)
Plastics and Rubber Parts and Extrusions
High End Consumer Electronics
Kitchen appliances and Accessories
Telecommunications Equipment
Computer Hardware and Accessories
Printers, HDDs, LCDs
Medical devices and equipment

Supplier Management Inspection Companies

BuyInspect specializes in working with major retail, auto and hardware stores buying high volume SKUs from suppliers. BuyInspect is positioned in China with a large team of product and commodities quality and product conformance and compliance inspectors to inspect the products  at the suppliers’ sources of production or at the delivery consolidation point. BuyInspect will coordinate with your procurement, purchase and store retailing departments in managing the different suppliers’ production, packaging and shipment deliveries. BuyInspect has an interactive Purchase Control Order to Delivery supplier management tool. Go to for more information.

AMREP China is AMREP Global’s largest Supplier Management Services in China. Its main office is in China South. It has over 10 operational offices along the key China coastal cities from Tientsin to Shenzhen and westward to Chendu and Chongching. AMREP China has over 300 operational staff consisting of quality and technical engineers working on high level technology products. To know how AMREP China can add value to your China sourcing strategy, supplier audits and process audits go to for more information.

InspectChina primarily focus on pre-shipment inspections of simple consumer product purchases. Pre-shipment inspection is used by trading companies buying timber accessories, consumer products, recreational and garden products, hardware, kitchen utensils, consumer electrics or any product that does not require production engineering assistance. InspectChina inspects for conformance to design, cosmetics appearances, quality, packaging and delivery. Look at for more information.

AutospecsChina is the automotive parts and components suppliers inspection division of AMREP China. AMREP provides you with Supplier Management Services which include:

  • Supplier Capabilities Survey
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Source Inspection
  • Supplier Engineering
  • Supplier Improvement
    Look at for more information.