China ‘s Quality Intelligence

“ You cannot improve quality by cutting costs. You can often cut costs by improving quality”.
Karl Albrecht

China is currently the global source of manufacturing of almost everything. Manufacturing quality can only get better and not worst in China. Industrialization and standards advancement is a process.

Through many factory audits, processes audits, quality inspections, FMEAs, SPC data analysis, corrective actions, interactive collaborations with buyers and sellers, quality problems are created.

  • Sometimes the problems are caused by the buyer’s design and marketing teams.
  • Most times, the manufacturer is not fully synced with the customers’ expectations.
  • Almost always the buyer’s China procurement local staff have limited practical experiences and personal financial objectives.
  • Or the supplier’s engineering is not technology competent

What is ATC

The key components of manufacturing are designs; engineering; production; and quality. Our customers with long-term sourcing strategies are focused on critical quality issues impacting on these key components.

Our Chinese SQEs are ATC trained to work on these quality issues for our customers. ATC provide the competent individuals. Our customers provide the collaborative practical experiences for our SQEs.

ATC select the quality of the specialist for training and upgrading to SQE quality. Our customers provide the hands on work experiences. The supplier provides the work bench for skills enhancement.

ATC raises the Quality Intelligence of Chinese manufacturing.

Find out what ATC’s SQEs can do for your supplier’s quality in China. 

Find out more on ATC’s China SQE training and Customer internship program assignments.

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