AMREP Technology Center

 The AMREP Technology Centre (ATC) is where we bring our experiences of working with the world’s best technology innovators to inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies. As a company that once started as a two-person office in Singapore, we know how hard business is and are firmly dedicated to making innovators succeed. We have seen hundreds of great product ideas fail because their creators were unable to set up the right manufacturing arrangements or had problems with their suppliers. We have also seen which are the suppliers who can make you succeed and what are the buying mistakes to avoid.

Our ATCs are headquartered in Shenzhen, Guadalajara, and Bangkok. Our SQEs, inspectors, production managers and materials experts can work with you to design successful manufacturing operations. All of them have worked with contract manufacturers like Jabil, Flex (previously Flextronics),  Sanmina and Foxconn, as well as major electronics, hardware, automotive and aerospace companies from the USA and EU.

Here are some areas where we can assist you:

  • Supply Chain Planning and Supplier Identification: Use our global network to find low cost suppliers in Asia and get our help with verifying their competencies.
  • Technical Design Reviews: We review your technical drawings and specifications to check that they can be understood by your suppliers.
  • Manufacturing Process Definition: Prototyping and manufacturing a product at scale can involve completely different processes. We can help you break down your product and identify the correct processes and materials to be used.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: We advise you on how to set up a positive communication structure with your suppliers.
  • Overseas Business Development Advice: If you’re targeting your product for an overseas market, why not have a chat to our global business development team? With their experiences in North American, European, Asian and Australian markets, they will be able to give you advice on local market conditions, business development avenues, and the market potential of your product.
  • Production Supervision: We can monitor your suppliers and keep your production on schedule.
  • Enforce Supplier Performance Expectations: We can station our personnel at your supplier’s premises to ensure that your supplier manufactures according to your quality and technical specifications. How often has your supplier sent you products that do not conform with your requirements and left you with even greater costs?