AMREP Supplier Quality Management Services

What comes next in your procurement and outsourcing arrangements with your suppliers?

Are you better off with pre-shipment inspection; random inspection; factory audits; process audits or final inspection?

Is your supplier’s supply contractual arrangements in China or Thailand, once-off; short-term or long-term?

Are you looking for reliability in manufacturing and consistency in product quality?

We are your overseas Quality Representatives.

We shape our skills to your urgent needs.

We made Supplier Quality Assurance and Quality Control less frustrating with our quality personnel.

Our AMREP Supplier APQP is a standard interactive approach used by our customers to begin, start-up and optimize suppliers’ production line of a new product.

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Using Quality Control Services with Amrep Supplier Management Services

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You define your supplier quality problems at your sources of supply. Or lay out your product quality, technical and safety standards compliance requirements. We outline the quality problems resolutions solutions and specify the type of our quality specialists to deploy for:
  • Instant quality inspections through pre-shipment or random inspections
  • Short –term QC through quality control inspections and process audits
  • Long-term supplier relationship QC with supplier quality engineering