You define your supplier quality problems, and lay out your product quality, technical and safety compliance requirements.

We outline the solutions and deploy our quality teams to make our solutions succeed.  


When you use AMREP, you get access to a global network of quality professionals who are universally respected for their expertise in engineering, quality management, supplier management, manufacturing processes, and operations management. Our clients constantly return to them for their advice on complex quality engineering issues. They are located in the key manufacturing locations of the world e.g. Shenzhen (China), Tijuana (Mexico), Chonburi (Thailand), Bangalore/Bengaluru (India), and Hanoi (Vietnam).

You gain the ability to deploy a fully operational quality control team to immediately address production and quality problems at the supplier source, without having to invest your own resources. You can leave our highly experienced professionals to manage your production while you focus on your business. With us monitoring your suppliers’ activities, we also enable you to reduce costs, wastage, and delivery delays through the early identification and prevention of product defects and production problems. 


What comes next in your procurement and outsourcing arrangements with your suppliers? 

Are you looking for reliability in manufacturing and consistency in product quality?

We are your overseas Quality Representatives.
We shape our skills to your urgent needs.
We made Supplier Quality Assurance and Supplier Management less frustrating with our quality personnel.

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