We Exceed Your Supplier Performance Expectations

At this very moment, you are probably using a product that is AMREP-approved for quality. Smartphones, AR/VR devices, wearables, the GPS and power steering systems in your car – we’ve all worked with those. AMREP Supplier Management Services is the quality company behind many of the world’s most famous companies from the advanced manufacturing industries. We are also the pioneers of international quality management best practices in many countries.

We are supplier quality management and engineering specialists who solve our clients’ quality problems with their suppliers. Sometimes we inspect finished products before they’re sent to the customers. Other times we resolve complex engineering problems and client-supplier relationship issues. And on many occasions, many of our customers entrust us with managing their local suppliers and sub-suppliers for them. Our goal is to achieve zero-defect manufacturing with the lowest cost, highest quality, minimal waste, and fastest production time for our customers.

We operate a global network that covers key manufacturing regions across the Asia-Pacific, the USA, Mexico and Europe. This enables us to provide end-to-end, localised Total Quality Management solutions for clients who have production or procurement operations and multiple tiers of suppliers in many countries.

We Work With Global Leaders In Advanced Manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing Innovation at AMREP

The AMREP Technology Centre is where our engineering and manufacturing experts
mentor product innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, and product companies in quality
manufacturing and supplier management methods so that they can successfully take their
product to market.  This is also where our quality engineers collaborate with a wide range of
professionals to innovate new quality solutions for a Industry 4.0 world.