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Your Destination For Manufacturing, Supplier Management and Sourcing Success

At AMREP, we're manufacturing and engineering specialists. We use our world-class experience in quality control, supplier management, manufacturing processes, program management, and engineering to get you the best performance from your suppliers and your factory sites.

Less production issues. Better sourcing outcomes. Improved supplier responsiveness. Excellent product quality. On-site ‘Voice of Customer’ representation. We’re the ones to contact for your manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain, and supplier management success.

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Trusted By The World's Best OEMs & Product Innovators

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Beautiful Products, Excellent Supplier Performance, Superb Quality

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35+ Years In Operation, Proudly Serving Clients Across The World

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Customer Satisfaction

Rest easy. Your manufacturing, sourcing, and supply chain management are in good hands.

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AMREP uses its internationally renowned global supplier management experience to help product innovators achieve product manufacturing success and positive supplier outcomes. For over 30 years, we've enabled our OEM partners and their suppliers to resolve production problems, attain high product quality, and excel in performance.

Our clients remember us for how we avert major supplier production problems and dramatically improve their suppliers’ performance scorecard ratings. Our clients also know that we make working with suppliers, sourcing, and manufacturing easy.

We've proudly been Silicon Valley's 'go-to' third party supplier quality management partner since the IT revolution.

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36 Locations

500+ Satisfied Clients

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Quality Control (QA/QC) Solutions

AMREP is your go-to destination for ensuring great quality in the products you purchase or manufacture. Our team of QA/QC inspectors work at your factory site to independently verify your product quality before shipment. Don’t let defective products reach your doorstep! Click here to check out our professional pre-shipment inspections, source inspections, quality inspections, factory audits, supplier quality management and other supplier quality control solutions for your products.

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Sourcing and Factory Support

We enable you to have a smooth factory sourcing experience. Some things we do as your local sourcing agent are: communication follow ups (are your emails to your factory being unanswered?), unblocking delays, orders tracking, and product quality checks. Perfect for anybody who’s sourcing products from overseas.

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Manufacturing Solutions

AMREP’s supplier management and manufacturing solutions are backed by the world’s top OEMs. We have 30 years of experience in improving supplier performance and securing our clients’ product manufacturing success. See what we can do for you!

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Recruitment and Hiring

AMREP can provide local engineers and sourcing staff to work at your factory sites. Contact us now to see how we do it, and why our customers choose us for their technical recruitment needs over human resource firms!

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Consulting And Training

AMREP provides manufacturing and sourcing training, consulting, and advice. We’re the place for you if you want to get your manufacturing and sourcing off to the best start. AMREP also trains suppliers on matters like ISO standards compliance, manufacturing techniques, quality management systems development, and documentation.

Speciality Areas

AMREP Services is your key to effectively managing your outsourced manufacturing, supply chains, and supplier factory partners. Our technical expertise includes quality engineering, supplier management, sourcing, manufacturing engineering, operations program management, supplier development, continuous improvement, process engineering, production engineering, and quality control.

Combining our technical knowledge with our unique brand of third party supplier management practices, we work at your factory sites to keep your manufacturing and sourcing on track. Our activities include: factory follow ups, CAPA closures, on-site problem solving, orders monitoring, quality management, process improvements, process supervision, product checks before delivery. A major part of our work is ensuring that our client’s instructions and product order requirements are being followed through at the factory.

We’re your boots on the ground. You can always count on us to look after you.

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When our clients use AMREP Services at their supplier’s production sites, some major outcomes they see are improved supplier responsiveness and follow-through with their work instructions. Our clients also see dramatic improvements with their vendor’s performance - AMREP’s handled critical supplier failure situations and successfully implemented supplier development programmes that result in the suppliers receiving ‘green’ scorecard ratings.

Other outcomes AMREP achieves are:

  • Improved product quality, defect reduction, and better supplier customer service

  • Improved client-supplier communication

  • On the ground production information and production line data collection.

  • Prevention of issue escapes, active problem solving of production issues as they arise.

  • Reduced production defects and production stops

  • Reduced rework and re-inspection costs.

  • Reduced supply chain risks

So you’ve found a factory that has great products for your business. You want to keep the momentum going, but you can’t be traveling all the time to meet the factory managers. And you’d like somebody to help you with following up with the factory, just to make sure your orders are on track, check the products before they are sent to you, and that your order requirements are being followed.

Well guess what? That’s exactly how AMREP can help you with your sourcing.

AMREP Services stands for impartiality, transparency, integrity, and excellent customer service. We are independent and we are fully committed to working in our client’s interest. We also are all about collaborative work relationships and positive communication with all parties.

AMREP also stands for trust and confidentiality. We have extremely stringent confidentiality management practices to safeguard our clients and their partners’ information.

The global AMREP Supplier Management group is an internationally renowned third party auditing, inspections, quality control, supplier management, and manufacturing solutions company. Founded on the quality management principles of Dr. Joseph Juran, one of the forefathers of quality management practices, our objective is to help clients overcome the challenges of outsourced manufacturing, suppliers, and supply chains. We prevent situations like ‘ ‘what I ordered is not what I get’ and the question ‘I need somebody local to help me with my supplier’.

AMREP first started in third party ISO training, quality inspections, and quality auditing. We then expanded our services to quality engineering, manufacturing engineering, supplier development, resident engineering, and program management to augment our client’s and their vendor’s manufacturing programs and secure better product delivery outcomes.

AMREP Supplier Management Services operates across key manufacturing locations in Asia, Europe, the US, Central, and South America e.g. Mexico, China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Honduras, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United States of America.

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