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For over 30 years, the world's top OEMs have used AMREP's local engineering and manufacturing talent to successfully execute their manufacturing programs with their suppliers and sub-suppliers across the world. Our local teams work as our client's on-site representatives and collaboratively work with all stakeholders to deliver business outcomes.

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Our talent are all engineering professionals with manufacturing experience in industries such as electronics, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, home appliances, consumer products, and metal or plastic forming. They are:

  • Supplier quality engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Hardware engineers
  • Automation engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Program managers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electronics engineers
  • Tooling engineers
  • Continuous improvement managers
  • Procurement engineers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Operations managers
  • New Product Introduction Engineers/Managers
  • Quality managers
  • Production engineers

We have resources available in Mexico, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Over the last 2 years, our teams in South-East Asia and Mexico have been particularly engaged with helping our clients with product transfers and re-sourcing programs from China to these areas.

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At AMREP, we've perfected the art of finding the right talent for the work at hand. It begins with understanding your production situation. the manufacturing outcomes you want to achieve, and what you want to get out of the suppliers.

It takes a technical person to recruit a technical person; it takes people with deep experience in local supplier management and manufacturing programs to find the resources you need to work with your suppliers. That's the AMREP difference, and that's we have enduring partnerships with many major OEMs.

Executive leaders from major companies tell us that they come to AMREP because we're not a human resources company. They want AMREP staff because they know that as a third-party supplier management company, we use this unique position to represent their interests while steering the complex course between the client and the suppliers. Here are some more reasons they give us:

  • It takes a local to work with a local ' - local engineers are able to interface easily with local suppliers
  • Customer commitment - our personnel are the client's advocates. We know our role is to help the client with achieving positive production outcomes from their suppliers.
  • Large savings on hiring, administrative, travel, and business overhead costs
  • Greater efficiency and practicality in working with long-distance suppliers (especially for US clients with Asian suppliers)
  • Instant creation of a local representative to work with the client's suppliers and the ability to maintain an on-going site presence
  • Enhanced communication and supplier management capabilities
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