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Our Services are designed to uncover potential issues and risks with suppliers, protecting you from unforeseen quality and production challenges. These audits serve as essential tools for supplier risk management and prevention, enabling you to choose suppliers that align perfectly with your expectations for cost, delivery, and quality. The targeted audits are:

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QMS Audits

Our QMS audits go beyond industry quality standards. We use additional checklists and audit parameters to benchmark a supplier’s management attitudes and production control conformance to customer’s quality requirements.

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Process Audits

We offer process audits and layered process audits (LPA) to verify that your supplier's production processes are operating within specified parameters. Our objective is to eliminate potential quality issues and production problems.

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Manufacturing Audits

Our manufacturing audits are in-depth assessments of your supplier's technical capabilities. It makes it easier for you to gauge your supplier's capability and to devise an action plan to overcome technical obstacles.

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Here are our clients' reasons for auditing:

  • Verify the supplier's business and production facility.
  • Evaluate the supplier's suitability for production or purchasing.
  • Evaluate the supplier's reliability and trustworthiness as a supply source.
  • Assess quality management practices.
  • Identify production risks and problems.
  • Process validation.
  • Process monitoring.
  • Assess production readiness.
  • Identify production efficiency improvement and cost reduction areas.

Our work can range from factory site verification to comprehensive internal auditing and production review assessments. All audits are performed by engineers with lead auditor experience and deep knowledge in QMS services and supplier management.

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Supplier Verification

On-site verification of your supplier's trustworthiness and ability to meet your product needs.

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Quality Assessments

Assessing your supplier's or production site's QMS systems and processes against ISO standards and your requirements.

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Compliance Assessments

Third-party assessments of your supplier or production site compliance with ISO and regulatory standards.

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Production Performance

Independent process auditing and production reviews to assess production performance and identify improvement areas.

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Pre-Production Reviews

Find out if your supplier or production site is ready to make your product! We are NPI, production set-up, and ramp-up specialists.

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Supplier Qualification

Independent supplier qualification gives you the confidence you need for your purchasing activities.

Our auditors are experienced quality engineering professionals from the advanced manufacturing industries. We have:

  • IATF, ISO, IPC, and other industry standards knowledge
  • Process, quality engineering, tooling, production, and NPI experience
  • Advanced manufacturing and engineering backgrounds
  • Production leadership, management, issue detection, and problem-solving capabilities.
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Supplier audits are formal evaluations conducted to assess and verify a supplier's ability to meet contractual obligations, compliance with industry standards, and adherence to quality management practices.

Production audits are systematic evaluations conducted within manufacturing environments to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of production processes with predefined standards and regulations. These audits are crucial for ensuring that production operations are optimized, cost-effective, and capable of producing high-quality products consistently.

It should be performed at several critical junctures to ensure ongoing compliance, quality, and efficiency within the supply chain and manufacturing processes:

  • Before Establishing a New Supplier Relationship

  • Regularly Throughout the Relationship, periodic audits are crucial for ongoing assurance of quality, compliance, and performance standards. These can be scheduled annually or bi-annually, depending on the criticality of the supplier and past performance.

  • When Expanding or Changing Product Lines

  • Following a Significant Event or Failure.

Our process is meticulously designed to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the suppliers they intend to use. Recognizing that customers lack in-depth knowledge about their potential suppliers, we position ourselves as an essential conduit for information and insight gathering. Here’s how we achieve this effectively:

  • We leverage our team of supply specialists, who possess the expertise and experience necessary to conduct thorough supplier audits. Our team knows precisely what information is crucial for our clients.

  • Our audits cover a wide range of essential areas. We evaluate suppliers based on their management practices, production capabilities, and the efficiency of their machinery. This approach ensures we provide a complete picture of a supplier's potential to meet our clients' needs.

  • A significant part of our audit process focuses on assessing the supplier's quality management systems and processes. We meticulously examine how suppliers ensure the quality of their output.

  • Understanding that each client has unique requirements, we customize our audits to focus on the specific aspects most relevant to them.

AMREP's auditors provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to ensure supplier quality, compliance, and operational efficiency across various industries. this typically includes:

  • Supplier Evaluation Audits

  • Process Audits

  • Manufacturing Audits

  • Product Quality Audits

  • Supply Chain Audits

  • ISO and Other Standards Compliance Audits

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)

Relying solely on a checklist for evaluating suppliers is a basic approach that may not uncover deeper insights into a supplier's operations. Effective supplier auditing goes beyond ticking boxes; it requires auditors to possess the skill to probe with the right questions.

At AMREP, our focus during audits extends to identifying potential hidden issues and unexpected challenges. Our team is trained to anticipate the future implications of a supplier's failure to promptly address and rectify manufacturing and quality concerns. This proactive approach ensures a more thorough assessment of a supplier's ability to meet standards and expectations.

AMREP's Process Audits, including layered process audits (LPA), focus on ensuring that a supplier's production processes operate within specified parameters. They are designed to proactively identify and mitigate potential quality issues and production inefficiencies. This includes a detailed evaluation of process flow, material handling, worker skill levels, machinery efficiency, and quality control measures in place.

AMREP contributes to operational optimization by identifying areas for performance enhancement and potential production risks. This proactive approach not only secures the supply chain but also provides critical insights for making informed decisions. These decisions can lead to optimized operations, where inefficiencies are reduced, and production processes are streamlined, enhancing overall productivity and quality.

Pre-production reviews by AMREP are designed to determine whether a supplier or production site is fully prepared to commence production, focusing on New Product Introduction (NPI), production setup, and ramp-up processes. These reviews are essential for identifying potential issues before production starts, ensuring that all systems and processes are in place to meet production demands efficiently and with the desired quality. This proactive approach helps in avoiding costly delays and quality issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient product launch.

Regular and periodic auditing is crucial for maintaining ongoing compliance, quality, and efficiency within the supply chain and manufacturing processes. It allows for continuous monitoring of supplier performance and adherence to agreed-upon standards.

AMREP's audits are designed to navigate and address the complexities of global supply chains, including diverse regulatory environments, cultural differences, and logistical challenges. By leveraging local expertise and global standards, AMREP ensures that audits are both globally consistent and locally relevant, helping clients manage risks and maintain quality across international borders. This approach enables clients to confidently expand their supply chains worldwide while maintaining high standards of quality and compliance.

Our approach includes a detailed assessment of your production site's capabilities, focusing on technical capacity, quality management practices, and compliance with regulatory standards. We aim to identify areas for strategic improvement, ensuring your production site is fully prepared to meet your production demands with the highest quality standards.

Yes, these services ensure that suppliers and their production processes comply with industry standards, legal regulations, and ethical practices. This is crucial for businesses operating in highly regulated sectors or markets with strict compliance requirements, helping them avoid penalties and legal issues.

Our auditors' leadership skills are crucial in efficiently identifying and solving problems during the audit process. They lead by example, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration between your team and ours. Their proactive approach to problem-solving helps in implementing effective solutions that improve operational efficiency and product quality.

Auditors play a vital role in the New Product Introduction (NPI) process by ensuring that quality standards are integrated from the earliest stages. Their expertise helps in identifying potential quality issues before mass production begins, allowing for adjustments that save time and resources. Additionally, they provide guidance on best practices for scaling production while maintaining quality, ensuring a successful product launch.

Leverage our expertise to keep your production line moving.

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