Are you better off without a Supplier audit?

Every customer makes a mistake of not knowing enough of the supplier which he will be using.  Our customers make this mistake many times. So they used us as their instrument of information and knowledge gathering.

We do this well with the right supply specialists. We are their supplier auditors.  We know what they want to know.

We provide our customers with management audits; production capabilities audits; machine audits; quality systems, processes audits plus more.

A Supplier Auditing through a given Supplier Audit checklist provided is the easiest but least effective and efficient way of getting to know a supplier.

A good Supplier auditor needs to know how to ask the right questions. AMREP supplier auditors look for the hidden unknowns and surprises.

Is it Easier for You to Do A Supplier Audit in China Now Than Before?

In China, the Supply chain is becoming complicated. What do our customers want to know now? What will make a difference to the selection of their new supplier?

  • Quality Systems Audit
    Almost every supplier has a certified ISO9000  certificate. So what are we looking. Applications or camouflaging?
  •  Technical Capabilities?
    Every supplier has machineries to make a product. But does it has the machinery which fits your production manufacturing. Or does it have the capabilities to add new machineries. Or the financial capabilities to make the change over?
  • Processes audits?
    Are we looking at standard manufacturing processes? Are we looking its management of new processes.
  • Sub-components and material inflow processes audits?
    This is the tricky one. What are we auditing here for? Their incoming material inspection; their material management; and/or their inventory management??

When we audit, we are auditing the future consequences of the failure of the supplier to conform to swift correction of manufacturing and quality issues.

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