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AMREP specializes in empowering the automation industry to maximize performance from their suppliers. Our expertise in supplier development, supplier oversight, supplier management, and quality assurance ensure that your procurement programmes are supported by strong supplier partners who excel in critical areas such as product compliance, quality, productivity, and delivery.

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We partner with automation and digital transformation technology companies focused on areas such as industrial control systems, process management, machining systems, energy management, robotics, and industrial equipment and systems.

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As your on-site liaison, AMREP oversees and enhances your supplier's service delivery, ensuring alignment with your supplier performance goals. Our activities generally fall into these areas: Supplier Quality Assurance, Product Compliance, Supplier Development, Resident Engineering, Technical Support, and Human Resources.

We are involved at all levels, from contract manufacturers to lower-tier suppliers. That way, we ensure excellence at every stage of the supply chain.

1. Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Source inspections: On-site source inspections to check product quality before delivery.
  • Quality audits: Process audits and quality system audits to identify gaps in process quality controls and quality management practices.
  • Root cause analysis and problem solving: Identify the root cause of product defects and resolve them at the source.
  • Supplier quality engineering: Where our quality managers and supplier quality engineers enforce quality standards through best practices in quality engineering. Activities can be: supplier auditing, CAPA review and implementation, validation/verification of new designs, process improvement, failure analysis.

2. Product Compliance

This is where we ensure that your suppliers deliver the ordered products according to your purchasing terms and conditions. Examples of our support areas are:

  • Preshipment inspections: Inspections of final products before shipment. This can have a particular focus on markings, loading, and packaging materials.
  • Documentation: OEMs often have extensive documentation requirements. This is an area which suppliers face a lot of challenges. As your on-site liaison, we work with your suppliers to ensure that they correctly follow your documentation requirements.

3. Technical Support

If your supplier is struggling in a specific production area e.g. SMT assembly, our specialists can provide training and remedial activities to improve their performance

4. Supplier Development

Our consulting engineers work at the supplier site to develop its operational readiness for meeting your procurement requirements. Depending on the project complexity, this can be a single engineer or a multi-disciplinary team of senior engineers who drive cross-functional activities in your supplier's organisation. We are especially involved in the NPI phase, ramp-up and mass production phases.

Examples of our activities are:

  • Provide technical leadership to suppliers on varied production issues
  • Validate process technologies based on project requirements.
  • Tooling reviews
  • Risk identification using DOE, FMEA, and other industry standard tools
  • Liaison between the supplier and our client's program teams to resolve performance issues.
  • Improve delivery, quality and cost performance by developing robust improvement plans.

5. Resident Engineering

To keep your major projects on track, our Resident Engineer service provides the expertise you need without the hassle of hiring new permanent personnel. We place qualified engineers at your facility or supplier site, ensuring field support, project management, and consulting expertise.

6. Human Resources

Looking for top manufacturing and engineering talent? Have a chat with us. AMREP is the recruitment partner to some of the world's top OEMs and we've supported their human resource needs for years. We offer long-term to temporary hire options. Companies come to us because of our manufacturing knowledge and our ability to find the right personnel for their needs.

AMREP Supplier Management Services' engineers are from industrial, mechanical, electro-mechanical, automation, and electronics engineering backgrounds. As such they are familiar with the materials, components, processes, and systems used in the automation industry.

Examples are: automation control systems, sensors, metal fittings, connectors, electric components (e.g.circuit breakers, switches), push buttons, PCB boards, SMT assembly, valves, welding, soldering, wire harnesses.

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The client was a major developer of industrial automation systems. They found that their contract manufacturer in Vietnam was having various production problems with the electronic assembly (SMT/Post SMT) process.

AMREP assigned its quality engineers to work on-site at the contract manufacturer's facility. The engineers realised that the key issue was in the soldering and trained the vendor on how to improve its soldering techniques. AMREP's quality engineers also functioned as the on-site quality liaison and drove the supplier's adherance to the client's CTQ (Critical to Quality) parameters.

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