Production and Supplier Monitoring

Getting you real-time insights into what's happening in your factory.

Production Monitoring

Do you wish for somebody who can give you a clear, unbiased, and unfiltered insight into what your supplier is doing?

AMREP is that somebody. We're your independent eyes, ears, hands, and feet in your factory. We answer this question for you - 'What's happening over there?'

What We Do

Information, information, information! That lies at the heart of what our manufacturing team does.

Internal Auditing

Manufacturing audits to assess process effectiveness and efficiency.

Process Inspections

In-process inspections to monitor production and preemptively capture production issues.

Production Assessments

On-site reviews of your production situation

General Support

Feeling stuck with your supplier? Not getting the answers you want? We're here to help.

On-Site Supplier Engagement

Working on-site to keep your supplier on track.

Information Gathering

Getting on the ground information about your production situation.

A Difficult Problem?


The big challenge for our clients is how to get into their supplier's premises. Suppliers usually are resistant to this. For me it's all about negotiation and the art of dialogue. I draw on my localness to the factory area and I work hard to set the supplier at ease. Mostly, I reassure them that I nor the customer want to antagonise them or interfere in their business. Being able to adjust my language according to the person I'm speaking to (like using local slang) helps a lot in establishing the supplier's trust.

- Wang Li, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer

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