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Unleash higher potential from your suppliers while reducing costs with AMREP's supplier development solutions. If you believe there's room for improvement, start a conversation with us today!

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Our supplier development solutions are ideal for situations where:

  • You're looking for cost savings.
  • You would like to optimise production processes and gain long-term sustained performance improvements.
  • You would like to develop your supplier into a longer-term partner.
  • Your suppliers's production or quality problems are so extensive that they require deep intervention in the supplier's processes and management.
  • It is too expensive and complex to find a new supplier.
  • Your supplier is unable to commit the resources you need to achieve the improvements you want.

We revolutionize your supplier's performance through continuous improvement and our quality management services.

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'Whole of organization', 'floor to management' initiatives to achieve sustained production improvements and cost savings.

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Conducting in-depth production studies and situation analysis. Implementing process improvements using Six Sigma, Lean methodologies, automation, Kaizen, and other continuous improvement tools.

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Experienced senior quality leaders with a proven track record in driving organizational changes, process enhancements, and overseeing production quality management.



Achieve reduced costs, enhanced production efficiencies, fewer defects, improved cycle times, and decreased waste.

Leverage agile framewokrs to provide a robust synopsis for strategy collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

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