Frequently Asked Questions About AMREP Supplier Management Services

Companies that expand their production to overseas countries have a common question before starting their manufacturing operations. Our expert engineers compiled a list of questions related to overseas supplier management and production problems. Have a look at the frequently asked question section to know the answer to your query. If you have any other questions or need manufacturing consultancy, feel free to contact our team of qualified engineers. Our team is available for you at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We were unexpectedly hired by IBM International Procurement Office in 1983 to manage their suppliers in Singapore through AMREP Supplier Management Services, formerly AMREP Vendor Inspection Services. AMREP Supplier management services created the AMREP Quality Management Centre (AQMC) in 1986, working with Dr. Joseph Juran and the Juran Institute to introduce Dr. Juran's Total Quality Management and quality control concepts throughout Asia.
Thus, AMREP Supplier management services became the first company in Asia with third-party quality assurance expertise and Total Quality Management capabilities. Now AMREP is operating globally in different countries.

We operate a global network with over 300 employees located in different countries, specializing in Supplier Source Inspection, Quality Management, Supplier Quality Engineering, Procurement Engineering, Production Optimization, and Supplier Development.

AMREP Supplier management services is a Global Supplier Management Services Group internationally renowned as a third-party supplier management partner. Our Supplier Quality Professionals use their global supplier management experience to help product innovators succeed in manufacturing. For over 30 years, we've enabled our OEM partners and their suppliers to resolve production problems, attain high product quality, and excel in performance.

Managing overseas suppliers is becoming challenging day by day due to complex supply chains. Effective supplier management has a significant impact on a brand's reputation. But how could you manage overseas suppliers effectively? For this, firms often seek local support from supplier quality engineers, production managers, and quality inspectors. You can hire a team of engineers here at AMREP Supplier management services who have years of experience in production management and know how to lead suppliers. AMREP provides comprehensive supplier quality management programs to companies with a global supply chain.

You can achieve product quality objectives by carrying out on-site quality control inspections from start to finish products. Checking the supplier quality and monitoring them continuously is a great challenge for the OEMs and firms having production points in different countries. Companies must regularly audit their supplier production site to achieve the quality objective. But it is difficult due to budget constraints. But taking services from quality management companies like AMREP can solve this problem. Their quality representative will help you achieve quality objectives by providing local support for product quality inspections.

Yes, AMREP Supplier management services offer quality inspection services -from raw materials to finished products. You can get quality control inspection services from first article inspection and in-process inspections to pre-shipment. Our objective is to maintain the quality of your products at each step

Hiring independent auditors help you to get an independent review of suppliers. AMREP Supplier management services provide suppliers audits services with a team of expert independent auditors. You hire expert auditors here for manufacturing, QMS, process, and layered process audits.

Yes, AMREP Supplier management services is a supplier quality management company offering services globally. Clients from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada come to us to get services in production places like China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico. AMREP operates a global operations network with a team of 300 employees in different countries.

We provide services to companies based in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia, looking for service providers who can help them with their production in places like China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico. AMREP Supplier management services deploy supplier quality engineers, quality managers, quality inspectors, and so on to help them improve production performance. Our objective is to fix production problems.

AMREP Supplier management services is different from other companies providing local support for overseas production. We have a Global network of supplier quality engineers, production managers, expert quality control inspectors, manufacturing professionals, auditors, continuous improvement managers, process engineers, procurement engineers, production managers, supply chain managers, and procurement consultants who have years of working experience with top OEMs, contract manufacturers, and suppliers around the world. Our team knows how to lead suppliers and deliver exceptional outcomes.

To get started, there is no difficult process. You can reach us through Email: [email protected] or [email protected]. You can call us at +1 858 329 0211. Feel free to share your production problems or any other services you need, and our experts will handle the rest.

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