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Talent excellence is the foundation to your business success. The very best from AMREP Supplier Management Services train aspiring professionals in its hands-on supplier management, quality engineering, production, engineering, supply chain management, and program management methodologies.

No classrooms. Our focus is on training people in the field so that they can successfully deliver manufacturing outcomes.

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College Training

We partnered with a local college in Guangzhou, China, to train their students in quality engineering and prepare them for working with our clients.

Juran Quality Training

During the 1990s, we partnered with Dr. Joseph Juran and brought his quality training methods to Asia. We had a long partnership with his Juran Quality Institute.

Supplier Quality Management Training

We trained our client's supplier in QMS implementation and quality process control methods. This led to a significant improvement in the supplier's performance.

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Quality Management

  • QMS development, implementation, management
  • Manufacturing quality management
  • Supplier quality engineering
  • Quality process design
  • Continuous improvement / process optimisation
  • ISO standards compliance
  • Data collection and analysis
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  • Tooling
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Process training e.g. soldering, welding, moulding, SMT
  • Production set-up/ New Product Introduction
  • Manufacturing program management
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Sourcing and Supplier Management

  • Supply chain development
  • Supplier management
  • How to work with suppliers

Leverage agile framewokrs to provide a robust synopsis for strategy collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

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