AMREP Expands Expertise
To Startups & Product Innovators

AMREP Supplier management services will offer its quality engineering and manufacturing expertise to support product innovators and startups with manufacturing their products. Supplier Management Services announced today that it would start providing its quality engineering expertise to product start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

The company has previously worked with startup companies, a notable one being Pure Digital Technologies. This is the first time however that the company has targeted this client base. Pure Digital Technologies made the best-selling Flip Video digital camcorders and was acquired by Cisco in 2009.

AMREP Supplier management services worked with the company’s Chinese suppliers and advanced its product successfully from the first production run to the mass production stages. Ryan Thomas, Chief Business Development Officer, stated ‘with the emergence of crowdfunding platforms, low-cost ‘DIY’ tools like 3D printing, open-source technology, and cheap off-the-shelf components, product innovation is faster and more innovative than ever before.

You just have to go to platforms like Kickstarter and HWTrek and you’ll be amazed at what people are coming up with.’ ‘What we have seen though is that many product ideas fail after the prototype stage. It is one thing to make a prototype, and it is quite another to bring the product to the production line. People fail because they don’t understand the manufacturing processes and how to work with suppliers.

They don’t realize that you can have a fantastic prototype but the design may not be suitable if you were to manufacture it at scale. They are unfamiliar with how to assess suppliers and with selecting the right manufacturing processes and materials for production. Too often they take suppliers at their word.’ ‘Another key problem is that product innovators do not exercise adequate oversight over suppliers.

They also leave quality considerations till the very end whereas quality is something that needs to be integrated and monitored along every step of the product cycle in electronics – from the design all the way to the delivery stage.’ ‘All too often, we’ve had startup crisis situations where they have major product defect problems and they have critical customer fulfillment dates just around the corner. They also have major budget blowouts.’ Mr. Thomas went on to explain that AMREP Supplier management services expands the scope of support currently available to new product innovators in medical and healthcare.

Most service providers only focus on the product ideation to prototype stages, whereas AMREP’s objective is to help product innovators run successful production operations. Its services reflect this and address key manufacturing issues such as design manufacturability, supplier selection, quality management system design, quality engineering, and supplier relationship management.

This is another demonstration of AMREP’s continuing commitment to driving forward innovation, product innovation, and entrepreneurship.’ The services will be provided through AMREP Supplier management services AMREP Technology Centre.