Supplier Audits


Managing a bad supplier consumes too much management time. It also results in unexpected quality and production surprises that lead to high unexpected costs. If you missed weeding him out during the pre-contract stage, your problem prevention is using AMREP to make regular 3rd party in-process audits. Conducted at regulated intervals, an in-process audits help to keep the suppliers on their toes. It is also a reminder to him that you are serious about getting good products from him.

AMREP can customise a regular audit program that includes a series of supplier audits on multiple suppliers in different locations. An audit program can include a design audit, a Quality Management System Audit, a Supplier Feedback Audit and even a Social Accountability Audit.


We do many supplier audits for customers using outsourced suppliers, particularly those in China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand. Our supplier audits aim at identifying potential supplier problems and risks. Here are the reasons for using AMREP Factory Audits: 

  • When the ISO Certification is only good as a marketing tool
  • When a supplier’s technical capabilities must be measured against supplier’s words
  • When supplier management attitudes and culture must be compared against actual production systems and actual factory practices
  • When the quality and product defects cost too much and you need to find the root causes
  • When the supplier says “no problems” to everything you want
  • When the Purchase Order is given and Works In Progress begins
  • When a new product is a follow up to an old product at the same supplier
  • When supplier technical and production feedback is weak

When we audit, we are auditing the future consequences of the supplier’s failure to swiftly correct manufacturing and quality issues.

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